What We Are Doing

Our mission is to offer folks in the River Region a convenient and fun way to give Christmas and other holiday gifts that have a redemptive effect on our community. To that end, we will host an Alternative Gift Fair. It is called “Alternative” because the event seeks to offer an alternative to the stress and materialism that sometimes takes over our Christmas and holiday celebrations.

The idea of the Fair is very simple. Area nonprofits will set up booths and be available to talk about their work. “Shoppers” will be able to buy “gifts” from these groups to give to their families, friends, co-workers, teachers, and clients. But these gifts will not be something tangible to give the gift recipient. Instead, they will fund specific needs of the nonprofit—for example, a week’s worth of hot meals for an elderly couple in need, or one night’s shelter for a homeless family. (Gifts will be available at a variety of prices, starting at $5.) The gift recipient will receive a card recognizing the gift—not to mention the warmth that comes from being associated with our participating groups’ important work in the community.

To see a list of the alternative gifts from a previous year’s fair, click here.